Goodhome Painting Co.: Take Comfort in Colour

We admit it: we're a little old fashioned. In an age where quality is an exception, we choose to make it the standard.

Beauty is in the details

Who We Are

GoodHome Painting Co. is, at heart, an old-fashioned company that looks to pre-20th century Europe, where housepainters belonged to a strictly guarded and regulated guild of learned craftsmen. It’s our regard for this bygone era of proud craftsmanship combined with our obsession for service and value that truly defines who we are.

We paint for tomorrow. We cherish the trust our clients afford us with referrals and future work. As this moving target never ends, nor does our ambition to improve every aspect of our service. This is made possible, in part, by bringing together our craftsmen on a full-time, long-term, profit-sharing basis. Our continued success flows directly from this home-grown commitment to our craftsmen.

Our value to you is only as good as the value we provide. When estimating projects, we discuss all options; every detail is considered and there are no surprises. We subscribe to the philosophy of a “baker’s dozen”: we give you thirteen muffins for the price of twelve … just in case.

Who You Are

Homeowners looking for true craftsmen to provide the care, courtesy and quality they would give their own family. Perfectionists and neat freaks, you will not be disappointed.

Interior designers in need of a trade they can always rely on — our craftsmen welcome a discriminating eye peering over their shoulder.

Contractors searching for a team of skilled workers who respect the arduous work that came before them and can artfully put the icing on the cake, leaving their clients with a happy lasting impression (and no surprises.)

Architects looking for a team of painters with the skill and fastidious nature to ensure that every surface brings light to the depth of their composition.

Realtors needing a team of craftsmen who can assemble quickly and instantly increase the value of a property.

Property Managers wanting a professional organisation that can adapt to their needs and grow with their stable of properties.


Our Team

Rome was neither built in a day, nor by one pair of hands alone. It takes a cohesive team of talented craftsmen to achieve beautiful, lasting results in a timely manner. We’re a proud team of craftsmen that continually demand the best from one another, support one another and ultimately succeed by one another. There is no secret to our success; we simply care more than most.

Anthony C. Pavlakovic

Owner/Operator Moving from house to house, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, every few years was standard fare for Anthony, whose father was a talented European carpenter and whose mother was an adventurous real estate agent. Immersed in varying styles of residential architecture and fluctuating interior design trends, it was little wonder that he was drawn to architectural coatings upon graduation from UBC. Teaming up with Johannes, a Dutch master, Anthony quickly grasped all areas of the trade with a demanding eye for perfection. When Anthony isn’t fretting about exceeding the expectations of every single client, you’ll find him charging up the right side of a soccer pitch, swinging weights around at the local YMCA or sipping coffee hunched over the weekend Globe & Mail.

Chris Hay

Senior Craftsman It was at the tender age of four that Chris demonstrated how walking through water could generate as much of a commotion as walking on water. Secretly slipping away from his parents at Pit Lake, he trotted straight into the lake until he reached the floating wharf. This focus and determination carried him through competitive swimming — the backstroke being his specialty — and his early career in offset printing. As the most trusted colour registration specialist for Quebecor Printing, Chris was charged with the responsibility of aligning colours to the thousandth inch. Suffice to say, Chris is the most precise and calculating paint craftsman amongst us. His fastidiously organized and smartly cleaned tools set everyone at ease this side of an ER operating room. When Chris is not flexing his painting muscles, you’ll find him finessing his 7-iron next to the green to save par, turning another page of Julius Caesar’s biography, or sneaking in a little piano when no one is watching.

Matt Hicks

Senior Craftsman Surely Saskatoon could extend its notoriety beyond potash, uranium and wheat to include paint craftsmen into the mix. Born and raised in “Bridge City”, Matt comes from a long lineage of painters going back three generations. It was at the age of 14, under the tutelage of his father, that Matt began painting. But it was a means to an end at this juncture: to buy a motorcycle and tour Canada with a few good friends. Matt ultimately ended up west of the Rockies (on four wheels, not two) and reignited his exceptional painting skills in Vancouver. Matt’s consistently positive attitude, coupled with the unwavering quality of his product is nothing short of energizing. And when he’s not smirking at the top of a 40FT ladder, you’ll find him careening his longboard through city streets or putting together a promotional video piece for his brother’s band.

Johannes de Haan

Project Manager Raised on a farm in rural Holland, Hans is no stranger to working with his hands. Once in Canada — after stints at Chrysler Motor Corp. during the heyday of auto manufacturing and as a ski setter at BC mountain resorts — he eventually discovered his true talent in the painting trade. The brush quickly became an extension of his right arm, and his precision in ‘cutting’ is unrivaled. When Hans is not infusing beauty into the surfaces that surround us, he can be found scavenging the aisles of Capers for organic treats; snapping pictures of skylines; jogging; and steaming at his local gym.

Scott Limmer

Senior Craftsman Growing up in a family with a professional painter for a father and grandfather is tantamount to being born with the skills in your genes. Just ask Scott: as a chemistry graduate from the University of British Columbia, he’ll tell you exactly what DNA is all about. Scott has quickly become the “go-to guy” for all questions chemical, or just complicated. His intellect and curiosity have made him one of the finest sprayers and wood stainers around. When Scott is not spraying out a set of doors that would rival the finish on a Ferrari Enzo, you’ll find him knee-deep in water, fly fishing; developing the ultimate Bolognaise sauce; or negotiating the ski hills of our local mountains.

Aleksander Nikov

Senior Craftsman Growing up in a small, bucolic town in the southeastern region of Bulgaria was a challenging affair for Aleksander. His ambitions simply outgrew his surrounding community and would lead him down a wonderfully unique path. Reaching for higher education, Alek attended the University of Varna where he secured a bachelors degree in economics. Following his studies, he then travelled throughout northern Africa with his fiancée. Once back home, Alek would summon the powers of Adam Smith and Maynard Keynes by starting his own landscaping business. However, two sons and an encouraging sister in Montreal would entice Alek to move to Canada for better opportunities. Now in Vancouver, no one has evolved as a painting professional as fast as Alek; he could solve his way out of a labyrinth while trapped inside a Rubik’s Cube floating in the Bermuda Triangle. When Alek isn’t sanding crown moulding fit for the Vatican, you’ll find him playing with his boys, listening to his wife and playing cards.